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Anito Classes

An Anito's class defines several things: its appearance, its special ability in combat, its strengths and weaknesses relative to other classes, and possibly its stats.

There are unique aspects to each class, but all are viable in any of the gameplay modes available in Anito Legends. Anitos of any class can equip almost every piece of equipment in the game.

There are currently 8 different classes in the game:

  • Kiwig
  • Sarangay
  • Siyokoy
  • Tikbalang
  • Tiyanak
  • Duende
  • Alan
  • Amomongo

Advice from the founders: all Anitos are viable for play. If you're just starting out, go with a team that looks cool to you, or go with the cheapest team! Low stats can be supplemented by equipment that you get from drops and from minting.


Special abilities

  • High ATK
  • +10% ATK vs. Tikbalang
  • Weight Loss: -50 equipment weight
  • Weight Loss (Survivors): increased speed from the start of the round

The Kiwig were once shapeshifters, able to change their shape at will. They used to be a playful race, wild and carefree, until their ability was stolen from them. Stuck in one form, the Kiwig learned to rely on their wiles and charm to survive.


Special abilities

  • High HP
  • +10% ATK vs. Alan
  • Knockback: attacks push enemies behind their comrades
  • Knockback (Survivors): attacks push mobs away

Despite their huge builds, the Sarangay are masters of camouflage and can easily blend into greenery. They are also excellent marksmen and accomplished cooks.


Special abilities

  • High ATK
  • +10% ATK vs. Kiwig
  • Critical Hit: +25% critical hit damage on all attacks
  • Crit Chance (Survivors): higher base damage vs. mobs

These scaly creatures make their homes in the deep, building vast and complex cities that no land dweller has seen. It’s believed that a Siokoy who chooses to live on land is either desperate or on the run.


Special abilities

  • High HP
  • +10% ATK vs. Sarangay
  • Resolute: once per battle, revive with 1 HP after being downed
  • Resolute (Survivors): auto revive after death with 1 HP

Tikbalangs are fast runners and love to race. They are naturally strong, and their muscular builds make them hard to wound. They are fierce and loyal, always fighting to protect their tribe.


Special abilities

  • +10% ATK vs. all classes except Duende and Amomongo
  • Ambush: attacks will hit opponents in the back row instead of in the front
  • Magnet (Survivors): pull XP stones towards the character

The Tiyanak looks like a helpless child, but this is its greatest strength. It uses its cuteness and seeming helplessness to lull its enemies into a false sense of security. Young Tiyanaks use this ability so they will be adopted by a family of another species, while older Tiyanaks will use it to take advantage of others either by trickery or force.


Special abilities

  • +10% ATK vs. Tiyanak
  • Explode: explodes when downed, damaging foes
  • Luck (Survivors): enemies drop more XP stones, chests, and healing potions compared to other classes

These mysterious fungal inhabitants of Lupa kept to themselves and were rarely seen before the Lagim took control of the land. They are naturally kind-hearted and curious, but also very jumpy and nervous.


Special abilities

  • +10% ATK vs. Siyokoy
  • Elusive: +25% evasion
  • Blink (Survivors): short distance teleportation within the map

These loyal and nurturing bird people from the mountains are said to have royal roots from kingdoms of long ago.


Special abilities

  • High base stats
  • Charm slots are instantly unlocked
  • Rare: cannot be summoned or revealed from gacha boxes

Very few have seen an Amomongo up close prior to the war against the Lagim. Their incredible agility is legendary, and is a sight to behold.