Anito Market

Genesis Anitos

Anitos that are revealed from gacha boxes are Genesis Anitos. They can be identified by the purple sparks that they emit.

Anitos summoned via the Rite of Ipa Tawag will not have this Genesis Glow.

If you choose to burn your Anito in the Rite of Ipa Alam, they will leave behind a Genesis Stone that will let the Genesis Anito lend their glow to a weapon or piece of armor in the Rite of Ipa Likha.

Genesis stone

Imbued weapon with Genesis glow

Your opponents will also be able to see the Genesis Glow emitted by your Anitos and their equipment!

For more information about burning and minting, please refer to the Rite of Ipa Alam and Rite of Ipa Likha pages in our white paper.